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Chevron Waves crochet pattern

Hi again,

My second post in the last few days…I think I’m pushing it))))))

Yesterday I promised to share with you  Chevron Waves pattern! OK girls or maybe even boys…  Get your hooks and yarns ready! Here it is:

Chevron sample

 Chevron Waves pattern

Info:  This pattern written using American Standard crochet terms.


ch – chain;

sc- single crochet;

tch – turning chain;

tr – treble;

st – stitch;

sts – stitches;

rep – repeat;

Multiple – number of stitches required for one complete sequence.

 Formula for this base chain is  Multiple of 11 sts. + add 2( 1 ch for turning chain/tch and 1 ch for even out pattern).

After an hour of trying to do this with my crochet software (I’m new to it) and with no results…I went handmade route! Its not a picture perfect, but its best I could do at the moment…please forgive me;)

1st row – chain needed amount of ch.  Sample – 11 (multiple) x 2 rep + 1 tch + 1 even out chain = 24 chains.

2nd row – 2 sc into 2nd ch from the hook, * 1 sc in each of the next 4 ch, miss 2 ch, 1scin each of the next 4 ch, 3 sc into next ch*; rep from *-*, ending last rep with 2 sc into last ch. Turn

3rd row (crochet this row into a back loop) – 1 ch (tch), 2 sc into first st, *1 sc into each of next 4 sts, miss 2sts, 1 sc into each of next 4 sts, 3 sc into next st; rep from * ending last rep with 2 sc only into last st, miss tch. Turn.

4th row  – 1 ch (tch), 2 sc into first st, *1 sc into each of next 4 sts, miss 2sts, 1 sc into each of next 4 sts, 3 sc into next st; rep from * ending last rep with 2 sc only into last st, miss tch. Turn.

5th row – (crochet this row into a back loop) – 5 ch (tch), 1 tr into first st, * 1 tr into each of next 3 sts, miss 4 sts, 3 tr into each of next 3 sts, 3 tr into next st; rep from * ending with 2 tr only into last st,miss tch. Turn.

6th row – 1 ch (tch), 2 sc into first st, *1 sc into each of next 8 sts,  3 sc into next st; rep from * ending last rep with 2 sc only into last st, miss tch. Turn.

Repeat from 3rd to 6th rows.

I hope you will make something beautiful with this pattern and don’t forget to share your work with me…I would love to see it!

P.S. –  Please let me know if you have any problems with this pattern…its my first try…so mistakes are possible.

Love, Yuli xxx


Finally… I received email with pictures of a crochet matric dress that I made for Mrs. R’s daughter!!!

Wow, wow, wow!!! She looks SO beautiful and happy…see for yourself.

Yay! I did it! My first crochet dress and definitely not last.

Love, Yuli xxx


‘Love’ crochet necklaces


In about a month time summer officially will be here…I can’t wait for hot days,  ice cold lemonade, sandy toes and colourful dresses…

Summer dreaming inspired my latest work  …’Love’ necklaces – crochet with cotton & beads in a variety of colours.

Woudn’t you like one?! I hope you do

For more info and to order… please email me (yuliya@yuli.co.za) or visit my FB page for more info

Make your own crochet hook handles

Its almost a month and a bit since I started working on Matric crochet dress and its looking good!!! I feel like a kid with new puzzle, can’t wait to see final picture.
New project new challenges: I’m not a big fan of fine hooks, because I hold my hook like a “knife” and after a while my fingers become sore and I have to put plaster on my ring finger:(. Yes, I know there is very nice hooks with comfy handles out there, but unfortunatly not in my area:( and I don’t have time to wait for few week for delivery. But there is always a plan!
After few weeks into my fine work and sore fingers I couldn’t “handle” it anymore… so I bought baking clay, got my pasta machine out, hooks, and camera.  And in an hour I had made my own crochet hook handles.
Here’s how I did it:
You will need:  Oven Bake Clay and crochet hooks.

Clay is very stiff in the beginning, so use pasta machine or rolling pin to make long & flat piece.

Trim clay piece to right  size… place your hook on one side of your rectangle.

Roll  your hook tightly …just like sushi roll;)

To smooth out handle – roll it gently in your palms. It should look like this.

Trim edges and finished it off with your fingers.

Please don’t forget to mark size of your hook on the handle!!! I did mine with little screwdriver or use stamp if you have one.

For extra fun and cuteness – I couldn’t resist using rubber stamps from my boys art stash.
Fold paper plate and place hooks into the grooves. Set your oven to 130C and bake for 30-40 min.

Let them cool… Ready Ta da!!

Easy and inexpensive way to make your crochet work comfortable. I have been using them for couple of weeks and no more sore fingers and plasters…Yay!
So now you know how to make your own hook handles and I really hope my instructions &pictures were helpful.
Love, Yuli xxx
P.S. – please visit my FB page for Matric dress updates;)










Today is The Day!

Today is the day I starting to work on new project/order…I’m excited and scared at the same time. Why?! Because I start working today on the crochet Matric dress for young lady from Cape Town and its something that I never made before…like many things in life for a first time – scary, right? But I’m ready to rock and can’t wait to see end result.

Here is the dress that girl have in mind for her Matric dress…

Original dress  designed by Rebbecca Taylor…beautiful photo from catwalk

After a day or two of surfing Russian/Ukrainian web… why?…well because there is lots of info on crochet/knit subjects, also its my mother tongue;P and in my opinion most talented ladies come from that part of the world…hehe.  And  Ta Da …I got this patten from Kulya from Kiev, she worked very hard to figure out this pattern from photos and I’m very grateful to Kulya for sharing it xxx Spasibo bolshoe!!!

 There is so many beautiful versions of this dress…short, layered, with long sleeves and in many different colours…. have a look at some of them

I like this top idea!

Mmmmm…my favorite

And what I love the most that when I was searching for more info on this dress I came across of so many pictures of this dress made by brides to be. How special to make your own wedding dress and pass in to next generation…romantic… Wow!!! 

  Today is really cold outside…great for Pj all day and lots of tea day:) I been working on the dress since early morning and here is result so far…

 and I have long way to go, but I’ll keep you posted.

Enjoy your weekend.

Love, Yuli xxx

Shwe Shwe Laska Dolls


I would like to introduce you to my New Laska Dolls made with local South African Shwe Shwe fabric.

Dolls been selling  very well here in SA and I even got few orders from England, Germany, US, Australia and I’m busy making one for my friend in New Zealand.

I just love Shwe shwe fabric…amazing patterns and colours…so much fun to work with. Simply irresistible…

All my Laska Dolls comes with little story and her favorite recipe, and if you wish you can choose one you like.  It will make your doll more special and personal.

Most of them made to order, but I have few of them in our local Village shop in Hoekwil. So if you in the area please come and visit…Vanessa, shop owner, has a beautiful selection of local food and handmade goodies to choose from.

 And big thanks to Jenya Zhivaleva from Unravel Surf Travel for beautiful pictures xxx

See you soon.

Love, Yuli xxx


Fun with Food

Hello, hello…

I have been meaning to show you pictures of my recent project, but with school holidays and few orders in between there were not enough hours in my day.

So while boys playing Lego and waiting for weather to cool down that we can all go to the beach… I’m not going to miss this opportunity to write a quick post;)

I love crochet toys and softies … and one of my favorite things that I wanted to make for a long time is crochet food. Its just looks so pretty and realistic…yum yum and I can imagine how much fun & hours of play it would bring to kids.

I gathered all my DK colours; got some soft stuffing, needles … I began crochet farming!

 What a great project…easy and my Fruit and Vegetable basket filled up in very short time. My boys loved to guess what I was going to make next…they were so excited!

 My crochet harvest… its looks very healthy, don’t you think?

 Great toys for kids, but  I’m also wouldn’t mind to have it in my kitchen;)

Enjoy your weekend.

Love, Yuli xxx



Goodbye 2011 and Hello New Year!

Hi and Happy New Year!!!

I hope you had a lovely time celebrating and relaxing with your family. I also had very melow and happy time with my boys and now ready  for new chapter, adventure and fun. I wish this year will be a great and amaizing one for all of us!

Here is some of my highlight in 2011:

I made quite a few orders for local shops…so excited to have my handmade stuff in Bloemfontein, Pretoria and KZN. My Laska dolls traveled to few countries in Europe, U.S. and Australia! And I made couple of fun projects for friend’s birthdays.

Didn’t write many posts (sorry its my biggerst low light); Started using my Flickr account; Was more active on Yuli handmade FB page and managed to gain few fans!!! Yay!!! And of course got some inspirations and wasted sometime on Pinterest;)

Had few requests from local online shops, but still thinking about it. Maybe join couple of shops this year.

Once a week I gave crochet lessons at local wool shop…it was a great fun and got quite a few ladies hooked. I’ll absolutely continue with classes this year!

And stated to give crochet lessons to local ladies from small underprivileged community…hopefully we will continue this year and create opportunity for extra income for them. Just have to learn some basic Afrikaans, not may of them speak English…so its get confusing and funny at some times.

One of the big projects of 2011 was my first crochet blanket for my god daughter …

It’s took me 4-5 weeks to finished it, but I think most difficult of all was to chose and arrange colours. So to make it easier and see it in the big picture I played with colors on my laptop and ended up making colour combinations for flower center of the motif in Power point. It was a great help! I could see how will it look together and how may blocks of each colour combinations I need.

First I made all flower centers

Then I worked with green colour around each colour and my mother in law volunteer to help to hide all the threads…I’m so grateful for that, with 168 blocks it a huge job and not a fun one.

And the last stage was to work cream colour around each square and connected them as I went in planned sequence. And here it the end result…I called this blanket “Forget Me Not” – Photographs by Jenya Zhivaleva

Little Anna was so happy with her present…first time she saw it she start pointing at all different colour flowers and had a big smile:) Her mom told me that she gave it a name and takes blanket everywhere they go!


So you see I had good and exciting year and I’m very grateful to everyone who was part of my creative journey in 2011!

And thank You my friend for visiting me here and readyng my post xxx

Did you had a good year and I would love to know what your creative plans for a 2012…

Look forward to hear from you!

Best wishes and love,

Yuli xxx





New beanies & gloves and lots of tea

  Today is very cold day +8C … hehehe … I come from Ukraine and its gets WAY colder… I’m South African for sure now ;), but I do miss central heating. So this morning – gas heater and lots of tea for me. I love TEA!!!    

I been planning to post pictures of new beanies and fingerless gloves for a long while…there is certainly too little hours in my day sometime. Here there are

I make them in variety of colours. If you wish to order – just email me and I’ll send you colour samples in PDF.   

Love and keep warm,

Yuli xxx


I had few orders for my crochet slippers…they are such a hit!

My summer flowers in the garden gave me some inspiration… And I promise myself that this year I’ll make my self pair of slippers too…its about time :) 

Have a beautiful day!

Love, Yuli xxx