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Little fairy…

Look who came to visit my little garden… isn’t she gorgeous!!!  I wonder if she sprinkled some pixie dust!? We always need a little bit of fairy magic;)  don’t you think so…

Faith, trust and pixie dust!




Laughter is timeless…Imagination has no age… And dreams are forever!

Its been a while…

Time flies… busy time of the year… no time for updating ): so horrible that I didn’t post for such a long time.

Here it is New Year 2011 so I better start with my new year resolutions (; : 1st on the list – writing at least once a week!!! 2nd – sort my creative space and stuff – its ciaos in here… I’m all the time looking for something… frustrating ): 3rd – don’t know yet…

Ok, I’m been busy making stock for my friend Xmas Market on the lovely farm. Hehe – stock sounds very serious, let say couple of nice things to sell… So I decide to make things for kids (especially for girls, maybe just because I don’t have one;) Here is some pics:

Wand…crowns…tutu’s…and cupcake T-shirts


Crochet flowers hair clips… elastics for pony tails… alicebands… and head bands


 And this is only picture I could find of my felt pirate crown and sword ): Also I made cool T-shirts for boys with funky aliens and skull & cross bones …Next time I MUST take pics before my stuff get sold =) 

That it for now, but look out for more pics soon xxx

 And of course Happy New Year!!! May it bring you lots of love, happiness, wealth…and exciting opportunities… Cheers!!! Salut!! Wooh Hooo