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Moon Tide Scarf and Pina Colada Shawl Free patterns

My newest free patterns that I designed for Nurturing Fibers, unique South African Eco Yarn.

Patterns been posted on the Nurturing Fibers website http://nurturingfibres.com/, and later on we spotted few big mistakes… oops! Next time I’ll definettely have pattern tested before publishing… lesson learned! 

New updated patterns live on Nurturing Fibers website!!

To download click below:

Moon Tide Scarf Pattern

Pina Colada Shawl Pattern

Also I got few messages regarding joining pineapples together… its probably not very clear described in my pattern… so to make it easy for all I made video tutorial. Yes, my first video tutorial… very simple and basic… I hope it helps. And please don’t be to hard on me… it is my first one, so please excuse my beginner level editing skills;)

Click Here for my video tutorial on How to join pineapples colour A to colour B.

Thank you and if you have any questions regarding my patterns please contact me via Facebook page or Instagram 

Cheers ;)


Thank you scarf

TS collage 3_Fotor lomo

Thank you Scarf!

I love to make gift for friends and family rather than just buying something from shops, and when I do I try to buy local. Of course there is not always time for it but I try to make time to create something special with lots of love and care.

This time I needed to make a gift for my very good friend N… she is amazing woman – strong, warm, caring, giving, great mother and makes most amazing food (I always over eat in her house coz its tastes so good).

She helped me a lot during busy months of May and I wanted to thank her for all that she done for me and my boys.

I ordered yarn and decided to make a lacy scarf and after I couldn’t choose pattern on the web… I came up with my own pattern. First I showed  scarf to girls from Get hooked class … they loved it and ask to share pattern. So it’s been written and then tested (but if you find mistakes please let me know).

P.S. –  my friend love her new scarf!!

And now I’m sharing it with you… I’m sure you have someone special in your life … daughter, sister, mother, aunt, girlfriend… that you would like to make this scarf and say – Thank you for been part of my life xx … Oh dear! It sounds like TV ad)))) … at least I’m not trying to sell you stuff))))



You will need

  • 3  balls of Eco cotton (50gr) by Nurturing fibers (Bordeaux) or other yarn of your choice in DK;
  • 3.5 or 4 mm hook –size of your hook depending on your tension. I used 4mm;
  • tapestry needle
  •  scissor


This pattern uses American Standard Abbreviations

  • ch – chain;                                                                 
  • sc – single crochet;
  • dc – double crochet;
  • tr – treble:
  • dc4tog –double crochet 4 together = yarn over, insert hook in next stitch (or 3ch space), yarn over and pull up loop, yarn over and draw through 2 loops] 4 times, yarn over, draw through all loops on hook; see it here
  • sl.st. – slip stitch;
  • rep – repeat;


Chain 37.

1 round – 1 ch, 1sc in to 2nd ch from hook, * 5ch, miss 3 ch, 1sc * – rep *-* 9 times.

2 round – 7 ch, *1sc into 5ch space, 2 ch, 7dc into next 5ch space, 2ch, 1sc into next 5ch space, 5 ch* – rep *-* 2 times. Finish row with 1sc into next 5ch space, 2 ch, 7dc into next 5ch space, 2ch, 1sc into next 5ch space, 2ch, 1tr into last sc from previous row.

3 round – 1ch, 1sc into tr, *2ch, 1dc in to each of the next 3dc from previous row, (1dc, 3ch, 1dc) into next dc, 1dc in to each of the next 3dc from previous row, 2ch, 1sc into 5ch space* rep *-* 3 times , just in your last repeat you will make 1sc into 7ch space from previous row.

4 round – 5ch, * dc4tog into next 4dc from previous row, 5 ch, dc4tog into 3ch space, 5ch, dc4tog into next 4dc from previous row, 1ch* – rep *-* 3times. Finish with tr into sc from previous row.

5 round – 1ch, 1sc into tr, *5ch, 1sc into 5ch space, 5ch, 1 sc in to next 5ch space, 5ch, 1sc in to next 1ch space * rep *-* 3 times , just in your last repeat you will make 1sc into 5ch space from previous row.

See diagram #1

Now work repeating rows 2 – 5 to make desired lengths. 3 balls of eco-cotton was enough for 30 repeats in total, but it depends on your tension.

diagram 1


From last row –
3 ch, *1sc into 5ch space, 9 ch, (little flower – 4ch, sl.st. into 9th ch, 6 ch, sl.st. into 9th, 4ch, sl.st. into 9th ch), 8ch, 1sc into same 5ch space, 3ch* – rep *-* 9times in each 5ch space. Finish row with sl.st. into 1 sc from previous row.

See diagram #2

From beginning of your scarf – same as above, just work in 3ch space instead of 5ch space.

diagram 2

Weave in ends and don’t forget to block to give it a nice shape.

Printable version click DOWNLOAD


Yuli xx






Beanies, scarfs and neck warmer – “tree hugger” were made for this winter. I think sometime I just miss snow): White and cream brought back fun memories….

Beanies (crochet) and scarfs (knitted) with good quality acrylic wool; White neck warmer – crochet and comes with crochet heart broach.

Size – adult

Price: scarf / neck warmer-R120, beanie – R100.

Few grey things