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Mmmm….. bags

Me always want to knit a bag, but couldn’t find right pattern. Then after searching on the web, I stumbled on one that I liked. So as soon as my urgent projects were finished, I went to my local wool shop. For this bag I bought lovely, soft and fluffy acrylic wool (we don’t have big choice of natural fiber): )

Pattern is quite simple, but need concentration, so no kids while knitting, please! More tricky part was lining, especially when you don’t have pattern. But must say, most of my sewing patternless, much more fun and challenge((: For the handle and button I crochet with 100% bamboo. When it was ready I really really love it. It was a keeper!

After a week of showing it of I got few orders! YAY! I was so busy with other orders so I asked  my mom in law to help me. She knitted them really quickly and I finished the rest. Thank you Shirley(:

 I’ll post soon variety of colors that I can make them.

Price: R350

Love, Yuli xxx