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Crochet Bell tutorial

Hi there;)

My busy & creative ladies from Get hooked class asked me if I could show them how to make lace bells as a Xmas ornament…coz its this time of the year again!

I found many beautiful patterns and diagram on the web, tried some and some didn’t look like bells and more like doilies)))))) but I figured that people just use round motifs diagrams and just take 1 or 2 repeats out to make a cone shape. As they say you learn on mistakes;)

After testing and searching I finally found this one… its simple and elegant.

crochet xmas ornament

I remade diagram in color for my class to make it user friendly, took few pics… and its all I needed to wright crochet tutorial for you.

Now you can make your own ornaments to decorate home & tree or it will make a lovely Xmas present { 4 or 6 of them in pretty box } ;)

So here we GO!!!

~ Crochet Bell Tutorial ~

You will need:

~ yarn (I used 4ply mercerized Premier Natural cotton by Elle)

~ 2.5 mm hook

~ Bell ~

* – leave long tail before you start with magic loop!

1st round – into magic loop: 3 ch + *2ch, 1dc* – rep *-* 6 times. Finish with 2 ch and  sl.st into 3rd chain from begining.

2nd round – sl.st. into 2ch space from round 1. 3ch, 1dc into 2 space ch, *2ch, 2dc in next 2ch space* – rep *-* 7 times. Finish with sl.st into 3rd chain from beginning.

crochet ornament

3rd – round – sl.st into next 2ch space. (3ch, 1 dc, 3ch, 2dc) into 2ch space, *(2dc, 3ch, 2dc) into 2ch space * – rep *-* 6times. Finish with sl.st into 3rd chain from beginning.

4 – 6 round – crochet as 3rd round.


7th round – sl.st. into dc. 3 ch, 7 dc into 3 chain space, *8 dc into 3 chain space* – repeat *-* 6 times.  Finish with sl.st into 3rd chain from beginning.

8th round – 1ch, 1 sc in each stitch. Finish with sl.st  into 1st chain from beginning.

Using long tail from beginning of you work – crochet chains as long as you wish to make a loop. Weave and hide all the loose threads.

If you would like your bell to hold better shape starch it with spray starch which you can buy in any of your local supermarket in laundry section.

After its all ready and starched you can add your personal touch – ribbon, beads, crystals or any other fun stuff;)

Get busy crafty people… silly season is almost here;)


Yuli xxx