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Happy New Year and Ojo de Dios Mandala

Hey hey and Happy New Year!!!

I hope you having a great time with people you love and New Year will bring you luck, light and hapiness!

2013 Moto

~ Live Now ~ Be Kind ~ Share ~ Enjoy ~ Create ~ Smile ~ Laugh ~ Help People ~ Love ~

Its summer here and my boys on school holiday!!! LOVE IT… we having such a great family time… We trying to stay at home, especially this time of the year…people everywhere and its gets a little too crazy for us. Thankfully we live in small holiday village and beach closest to us is huge and it’s doesn’t get over crowded, enough space for every one.

For a last 3 weeks most of our days been in this order:

Sleeping in! Well mostly me, I’m not a fan of early morning and I have to wake up at 6 am most of the year… so this is what my body needs and its getting it))) My boys are early birds… they up and busy from 6 am, but they so good and independent…always keeping themselves busy, making breakfast and letting mama sleep a bit;) Lucky me!!

Beach twice a day…salty hair and lots of vitamin D. We make our way to the beach at about 9ish…before its gets cooking hot; and second session at about 4ish… warm water and gentle sun. Our house only few blocks away from the beach, so we only bring our towels and water to drink…simple. Times of big beach bags with kids goodies, snacks and other things that we mite need (and hardly ever use) is over! Yay!

Mid day siestas! Its too hot outside… we keep ourselves busy around our house  playing, reading, drawing, baking, watch movies or just taking easy and enjoying lazy time!

In the evening we make braai, South African word for BBQ; yummy meal around the fire with sound of waves and night sky.

Life is Good and I feel hugely grateful and blessed! So nice to know that it’s still another 2 week of holidays…Yay!

My creative side also been on holiday, I hardly touched my crochet and my head and hands deserved a little brake ;) I have whole New Year ahead.

But there is something that I made with yarn and would love to show you.

I love mandalas and was searching for crochet mandala patterns on the web…instead I found this – Ojo de Dios or God’s eye Mandala!

Love it! That afternoon I got my colorful yarn and kebab sticks (love to work with what I have at home, no need to go and buy stuff). It was very easy to follow tutorial and I found it very meditative & calming, which is always NICE! So here is my Mandalas:



Our friends invited us for braai/BBQ on New Years day and it was perfect little gift to give as thank you and Happy New Year!

I’m looking forward to make more Mandalas with deferent colour and patterns!

If you wish to make one or more…here is a links to Ojo de Dios tutorials

Tutorial in English:


Tutotial in Russian / Мастер Класс на русском:




Big Thanks to amazing people that made & shared Ojo de Dios tutorial with us!

And Big Thanks to you for visiting my blog and reading my post;)

Happy New Year!!!

Love, Yuli xxx