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Long weekend


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We had a great long weekend… so nice not to worry about school on Sunday afternoon,  coz Monday is a public holiday/ Youth Day…Yay! Extra lazy day.

And weather was sunny and warm as I hope it would be;) We visited friends, had yummy meals, good chats and walk in indigenous valley.

Yesterday we took boys for a long walk at one of our local beaches… Its a such a privilege to live were we are and have all of this beautiful places around us!  I took few pics to share with you.

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Little Brak river mouth

17062013538 (Large)


17062013557 (Large)

skipping stones

17062013561 (Large)

Boys found someones driftwood “camp”

17062013567 (Large)

Low tide

17062013575 (Large)

On our way home we saw young leopard tortoise

One my chrochet side of life – this weekend wasn’t productive… my hooks & yarn stayed in the basket for 3 day! It was nice to give my hands some needed breake.

One  thing that I did over weekend for Yuli handmade is that I finally asked my friend to take some pictures of the crochet top I  designed for myself few months ago! Been meaning to do it for so long and I can’t wait to show it to you… will try to post them tomorrow. Super excited!

I hope you also had a great weekend.

Yuli xx