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Knitted boots

Few months ago I looked  through UGG boots site, and I completely fell in love with knitted versions of UGGs. So I decided that I really really have to make myself a pair (original a bit expensive) and nothing bets new knitting challenge(:

I been googling, ravelring and stumbling in for a while… some I didn’t like, some didn’t have pattern, but I didn’t give up. Then on ravelry I found this beautiful slippers, exactly like I want, but pattern was in Japanese (even bigger challenge)… With help from lady from  ravelry forum and few hours staring at the pattern… I did it! They still need some improvement, but so far I’m happy with result. I manage to figure out how to attach proper sole, that I can wear them as a boots, not just a slippers.

So here is few photos….    


Yuli xxx

Few grey things