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‘Love’ crochet necklaces


In about a month time summer officially will be here…I can’t wait for hot days,  ice cold lemonade, sandy toes and colourful dresses…

Summer dreaming inspired my latest work  …’Love’ necklaces – crochet with cotton & beads in a variety of colours.

Woudn’t you like one?! I hope you do

For more info and to order… please email me (yuliya@yuli.co.za) or visit my FB page for more info

Holly’s birthday present

In January we were invited to our friends farm for Holly’s birthday.

I decide to make her slippers, plus I just bought this pattern so was really itchy to try it. They were fun and easy to make, but as usual me running late, so I was finishing them in the car on our way to the party. Its explains my not so clear pics (:

Party was great! Beautiful place, lovely people and lots of yummy food… Kids played outside, running around and jumping on the trampoline. Then inside bigger girls help them to play musical statues.

 Holly opened her presents and bingo – slippers fit perfectly and she really like them.  They were on her feet  straight away.

What a fun day for all.

Size: from 8 to 2 (kids)

Price: R 100  


Another order…

Crochet slippers size 10/11 with leather sole.

I made them for Sasha’s school friend  Jolie. Her mom told me that she wears them all the time.

 So we were camping other day and her family was there as well. I saw her playing on the playground  wearing slippers(: Yay. 

Camping with style(: So cool to see her enjoying them so much!

PS – I love to make it special. Here is my last minute bag: crochet flowers, buttons, felt and boys crayons…Last touch to make someone smile. X

 Size: 8 to 2 (kids);    Price: R130 with leather soles



Candy socks

This is was order for little girls during the last Xmas.  I just love colours, they remind me of candy….

My mom in law helped me to knit them, because I was busy painting rocks for Oubaai market. She knits like lightning(((: – lots of practice. When she finished, I put them together and crochet flowers…

Sasha (my 5 and a half year ols son) was my model:) He loves camera and really didn’t mind to wear girls sock. Thanks Sasha XXX

Size kids: from 9 to 3; Price: R80

Size: from 4 to 7; Price: R100