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Crochet flower tutorial


I would love to share with you my crochet Flower tutorial. 

I came up with this pattern last year… but only now I got my act together to write & post this tutorial for you. You see, coz I’m not driving around so much;) 

I hope its easy to understand and if you have any questions please leave a comment or send me e-mail;)

~ Yuli Crochet Flower ~

You will need

~ 2 colors of DK yarn or any other yarn of your choice;

~ 4 mm hook;

~ tapestry needle

~ scissor


ch – chain;

sc – single crochet;

dc – double crochet;

sl.st. – slip stitch;

~ Pattern ~

Big flower layer

1st round – into magic loop: 3 ch + 15 dc. Join with sl.st into 3rd chain.

1st round

Big flower ~ 1st round

2nd round – 5 ch, dc into same space as 1st chain. * 1ch, miss 1, [dc, 2ch, dc] into next st * – rep 7 times. finish with 1 ch and sl.st into 3rd ch from beginning of this round.

2nd round

Big flower ~ 2nd round

3rd round – 1ch, 7 dc into 2ch space from previous round, *1sc into 1ch space, 7 dc into 2ch spac* – rep *-* 7 times. Finish with 1 sc into 1ch space and sl.st. into 1 ch from beginning of this round. Big layer of flower ready. 


Big flower ~ 3rd round

Small flower layer

1 round – Insert your hook in to dc st that we missed from 1st round of big flower and pull out loop and make 4 ch, * sl.st. into missed dc from 1st round of big flower, ch 3* rep *-* 7 times. Finish with sl.st into 1st chain of this round. 

Small flower - 1st round

Small flower – 1st round

2nd round – *into 3chain space [1sc, 1ch, 4dc, 1ch, 1sc]* – rep *-* 8 times. Cut and fasten yarn. Flower completed ;)

Small flower ~ 2nd round

Small flower ~ 2nd round

 Love this flower… you can use it on beanies, as a brooch or decorate cushions & blankets. I created granny square using this flower and looks great… another cushion in the making, so watch this blog coz new pics coming soon.

And here is a picture of my friend’s baby girl wearing beanie I designed for her over weekend and you see I used flower;) My friend loves beanie and I love this little model… isn’t she just gorgeous!?

little L1

Oh and meet my ” big baby ” … our 6 months old bulldog Mr. Z. I love him to bits… even when he snores like I never heard before)))

Enjoy making flowers! Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to like my Facebook page for more posts and ideas.

Love, Yuli xx












I had few orders for my crochet slippers…they are such a hit!

My summer flowers in the garden gave me some inspiration… And I promise myself that this year I’ll make my self pair of slippers too…its about time :) 

Have a beautiful day!

Love, Yuli xxx 


Beanies for my 1st craft market

I made my first crochet beanie for Sasha, when I showed it to my friends they really liked it.YAY!  And my friend Claire was keep telling me that I must start selling them. At that time I just stop running mother and child workshop, so didn’t really feel like doing much.

 Then last April Lisa asked me if I would share craft market stole with her (she was doing t-shirts). I didn’t think to long, so there I was making my first stoke for the craft market.

Here is photos of my first beanies, I think I made about 11 of them and few pair of slippers. Didn’t have much time before market, so it was a bit of a rush. Don’t like presure. But I did it! I enjoyed doing it!

Oakhurst food and craft market was on Claire farm. It was beautiful and cold day which was great for my goodies(: Peter looked after boys, while I was selling my stuff and chatting (love chatting((:) It was long day for us, but loads of fun. I sold 90% of my beanies and one 1 pair of slippers, plus I got 5 order.  Its so nice to do what I love and also make a bit of money!!! Sooo grateful. Thank you. X

P.S. Thank you to my lovely models – friends: Yuliya, Rebecca, Sam, Joily&Marcel, Sasha and Max.

 Size: baby – child – adult

Price: from R100 to R150.


Candy socks

This is was order for little girls during the last Xmas.  I just love colours, they remind me of candy….

My mom in law helped me to knit them, because I was busy painting rocks for Oubaai market. She knits like lightning(((: – lots of practice. When she finished, I put them together and crochet flowers…

Sasha (my 5 and a half year ols son) was my model:) He loves camera and really didn’t mind to wear girls sock. Thanks Sasha XXX

Size kids: from 9 to 3; Price: R80

Size: from 4 to 7; Price: R100