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Flower Motif Scarf

Few weeks ago I bumped into my friend and she told me that she was looking around for colorfull crochet scarf for her friend’s bday. After quick chat we agreed to exchange pics/ideas over email and I said that I’ll look for pattern in my web stash.

I checked my own pattern stash, then I surf web and of course good place for pattern searching – Ravelry;) There I found perfect match … it was hiding in my favorites ~ Free Motif Scarf by Pierrot Yarns ~

motif scarf

This one thanslated in English, but if you can read crochet diargams it doen’t mater what language it is;) This is why I love japanies patterns ~ simple, clear & detailed!

My friend loved floer scarf pattern and asked me  if I could make it for her friend.  Oh Yes, perfect fix for crochet addict – new pattern, colorful yarn and I get paid for this pleasure!!!

I send my friend link to select yarn colors and she came back to me with her choice: Candy, Lipstick, Ivory, Rose, Lilac, Orange and Moss in Premier Natural Cotton  4 ply.  I bought 7 skeins in each color and it took me a bit of thinking to combine all the colors together, because I had more colors to work with and not like it was suggested in pattern.

It was fun and easy project, just one thing that isn’t fun when you use so many colors … you end up with loads of threads to knot & hide! So I’m WaRnInG  You,  there is a price to pay if you choose too many colors … but I guess its all worth it. Look at my final result…

3 (Large)

2 (Large)

1 (Large)

I must say that I’m pretty happy with flower scarf and I really hope she likes it too.

Have a beautiful week.

Love, Yuli xx