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I had few orders for my crochet slippers…they are such a hit!

My summer flowers in the garden gave me some inspiration… And I promise myself that this year I’ll make my self pair of slippers too…its about time :) 

Have a beautiful day!

Love, Yuli xxx 


Few grey things



Candy socks

This is was order for little girls during the last Xmas.  I just love colours, they remind me of candy….

My mom in law helped me to knit them, because I was busy painting rocks for Oubaai market. She knits like lightning(((: – lots of practice. When she finished, I put them together and crochet flowers…

Sasha (my 5 and a half year ols son) was my model:) He loves camera and really didn’t mind to wear girls sock. Thanks Sasha XXX

Size kids: from 9 to 3; Price: R80

Size: from 4 to 7; Price: R100 




I  love girly stuff: flowers, ribbons, buttons….. I got this pattern  from the web last year. Very simple and easy to do. But I decided that its really needed little touch of my girliness (:




I crochet them with Elle Gold Chunky (100%courtelle)  and flowers with Elle Cotton Fields (50%cotton/50% dralon) bought from our local wool shop. I made few of them for order from my friends (they are my big supporters. Thank you). Few pair I made with a leather sole, its not slippery and looks after wool. Longer wear(:

Size: from 3 to 7

Price: R 100 (without leather soles) and R150 (with leather soles)