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New project

Another beautiful week is almost over. And I’m so looking forward to a long weekend with family and friends, lets just hope it’s not going to rain… fingers & toes crossed for sunny weather;)

IMG_8438 (Large)

While writing this post… ~ rainbow ~

Finished with few orders and lots more coming next week!

slippers 1

Also been going trough my patterns stash ~ so many beautiful projects~ dresses, tops, vests. Prettiness overload! I have crochet cravings)))

And  I don’t know why I have a need to make summer things in winter and winter things in summer!? Winter only just started and I’m already missing warm  summer days .

My favorite by far is this dress from Interweave Crochet, Summer 2012… Pretty!!!  

Interweave Crochet, Summer 2012

Interweave Crochet, Summer 2012


So here is it my next project ~  I’m on my 6th motif already~

IMG_8435 (Large)

Got paid this afternoon and on the way home stopped at local wool shop to buy  more cotton for new dress. It remind me of this…hehe


Yep…that’s me ))

Keep well. 

Love, Yuli xx


Finally… I received email with pictures of a crochet matric dress that I made for Mrs. R’s daughter!!!

Wow, wow, wow!!! She looks SO beautiful and happy…see for yourself.

Yay! I did it! My first crochet dress and definitely not last.

Love, Yuli xxx


Today is The Day!

Today is the day I starting to work on new project/order…I’m excited and scared at the same time. Why?! Because I start working today on the crochet Matric dress for young lady from Cape Town and its something that I never made before…like many things in life for a first time – scary, right? But I’m ready to rock and can’t wait to see end result.

Here is the dress that girl have in mind for her Matric dress…

Original dress  designed by Rebbecca Taylor…beautiful photo from catwalk

After a day or two of surfing Russian/Ukrainian web… why?…well because there is lots of info on crochet/knit subjects, also its my mother tongue;P and in my opinion most talented ladies come from that part of the world…hehe.  And  Ta Da …I got this patten from Kulya from Kiev, she worked very hard to figure out this pattern from photos and I’m very grateful to Kulya for sharing it xxx Spasibo bolshoe!!!

 There is so many beautiful versions of this dress…short, layered, with long sleeves and in many different colours…. have a look at some of them

I like this top idea!

Mmmmm…my favorite

And what I love the most that when I was searching for more info on this dress I came across of so many pictures of this dress made by brides to be. How special to make your own wedding dress and pass in to next generation…romantic… Wow!!! 

  Today is really cold outside…great for Pj all day and lots of tea day:) I been working on the dress since early morning and here is result so far…

 and I have long way to go, but I’ll keep you posted.

Enjoy your weekend.

Love, Yuli xxx