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Yuli Summer Blanket Tutorial

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Hey hey ;)

Unfortunately lately I have very little time to spend on my crochet projects and almost no time for new patterns/tutorial. I had few free hours and it was enough time to create this … so it will be short photo tutorial with diagram… and very little writing;))

This motif was found on the web long ago… I have a feeling its from Japanese site… really don’t remember. I started this blanket last winter and finished it this summer, posted some pics and few people asked for pattern… here it is;) Enjoy xx

Summer Blanket Tutorial

You will need

  • Yarn of your choice in DK in 7 different colors.
  • I used Vinnies Nikkim in Natural, Peach, Pale blue-grey, Ruby grapefruit, Pacific blue, Grey, Plum; Note – I had enough yarn to make 5 motifs from each ball (50gr), but it’s all depends on your tension;  
  • 4 mm hook;
  • tapestry needle and scissor for weaving in threads
  • This pattern uses American Standard Abbreviations

Image #1

In Magic ring – 5ch, *1dc, 2ch* – rep 5 times. 2ch, sl. st. to 3rd ch from beginning of this round.

Image #2

6ch, 1dc in to base of your 6ch, *2dc into 2ch space, (1dc, 3ch, 1dc) into 1dc from round 1* – rep 5 times. 2dc into 2ch space, sl.st. into 3rd ch from beginning of this round.

summer blanket tutorial

Image #3

1ch, *1sc into 3ch space, 7ch, 1sc into same 3ch space, 5ch,* – rep 5 times. 1sc into 3ch space, 7ch, 1sc into same 3ch space, 2ch, dc into 1st sc of this round. 

Image #4

4ch, *(3dctog “puff”, 3ch, 3dctog, 3ch, 3dctog) into 7ch space, 1ch, 1dc into 5ch space, 1ch* – rep 5 times.  (3dctog “puff”, 3ch, 3dctog, 3ch, 3dctog) into 7ch space, 1ch, sl.st. into 3rd ch from beginning of this round.


Image #5

1ch, *1sc into 1ch space, 3ch, 1sc into 3ch space, 5ch, 1sc into 3ch space, 3ch, 1sc into 1ch space, 5ch, * – rep 5 times. *1sc into 1ch space, 3ch, 1sc into 3ch space, 5ch, 1sc into 3ch space, 3ch, 1sc into 1ch space, 2ch, 1dc into 1st sc of this round.

Image #6

1ch, 1sc into 1dc space (you created at the end of previous round), 3ch, *1sc into 3ch space, (4dc, 3ch, 4dc ) into 5ch space, 1sc into 3ch space, 3ch, 1sc into 5ch space, 3ch, 1sc into same 5ch space, 3ch, * – rep 5 times. 1sc into 3ch space, (4dc, 3ch, 4dc ) into 5ch space, 1sc into 3ch space, 3ch, 1sc into 2ch and 1dc space from previous round, 3ch, sl.st. to 1sc of this round. 

summer blanket


Join as you go with sl.st in corners and middle 3ch space in the 6th round of your motif. And if you don’t do random color placing and like a bit of order/pattern (I usually don’t do order in my life))) but some how love it in my crochet projects) – I made color sequence diagram… so just number your 7 colors and follow my chart – download here in PDF Summer Blanket color chart

Looking forward to see your summer blankets, please tag your pics with #yulisummerblanket

Till next tutorial… Love,

Yuli xx

P.S. – I have problems with my Pin it button(((( don’t know how to fix it… it gives me every time – oops cant fetch your image. If any of you know how to fix it… I’ll appreciate your help. Will be waiting for your email;) xxx


Goodbye 2011 and Hello New Year!

Hi and Happy New Year!!!

I hope you had a lovely time celebrating and relaxing with your family. I also had very melow and happy time with my boys and now ready  for new chapter, adventure and fun. I wish this year will be a great and amaizing one for all of us!

Here is some of my highlight in 2011:

I made quite a few orders for local shops…so excited to have my handmade stuff in Bloemfontein, Pretoria and KZN. My Laska dolls traveled to few countries in Europe, U.S. and Australia! And I made couple of fun projects for friend’s birthdays.

Didn’t write many posts (sorry its my biggerst low light); Started using my Flickr account; Was more active on Yuli handmade FB page and managed to gain few fans!!! Yay!!! And of course got some inspirations and wasted sometime on Pinterest;)

Had few requests from local online shops, but still thinking about it. Maybe join couple of shops this year.

Once a week I gave crochet lessons at local wool shop…it was a great fun and got quite a few ladies hooked. I’ll absolutely continue with classes this year!

And stated to give crochet lessons to local ladies from small underprivileged community…hopefully we will continue this year and create opportunity for extra income for them. Just have to learn some basic Afrikaans, not may of them speak English…so its get confusing and funny at some times.

One of the big projects of 2011 was my first crochet blanket for my god daughter …

It’s took me 4-5 weeks to finished it, but I think most difficult of all was to chose and arrange colours. So to make it easier and see it in the big picture I played with colors on my laptop and ended up making colour combinations for flower center of the motif in Power point. It was a great help! I could see how will it look together and how may blocks of each colour combinations I need.

First I made all flower centers

Then I worked with green colour around each colour and my mother in law volunteer to help to hide all the threads…I’m so grateful for that, with 168 blocks it a huge job and not a fun one.

And the last stage was to work cream colour around each square and connected them as I went in planned sequence. And here it the end result…I called this blanket “Forget Me Not” – Photographs by Jenya Zhivaleva

Little Anna was so happy with her present…first time she saw it she start pointing at all different colour flowers and had a big smile:) Her mom told me that she gave it a name and takes blanket everywhere they go!


So you see I had good and exciting year and I’m very grateful to everyone who was part of my creative journey in 2011!

And thank You my friend for visiting me here and readyng my post xxx

Did you had a good year and I would love to know what your creative plans for a 2012…

Look forward to hear from you!

Best wishes and love,

Yuli xxx