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Oh boy…

 Hello hello…

 I’m following  creative blog Made. This months Dana and few other craft blogs celebrating The Boy 2011. They have lots of ideas and tutorial for boy stuff …. Go and check it out! And I must admit I do too much of girly thing – they so easy…pink, ruffles, flowers and fairies. Thanks to Made I decide to create some boy’s things here my latest:

Other day my dearest friend Deoni gave me Elna over lock !!!!!!Woo hoo….. Easy sewing here I come…. Planning to make cool things for my boys in nearest future! Watch this space ;)  

Love, Yuli xxx

Beanies for my 1st craft market

I made my first crochet beanie for Sasha, when I showed it to my friends they really liked it.YAY!  And my friend Claire was keep telling me that I must start selling them. At that time I just stop running mother and child workshop, so didn’t really feel like doing much.

 Then last April Lisa asked me if I would share craft market stole with her (she was doing t-shirts). I didn’t think to long, so there I was making my first stoke for the craft market.

Here is photos of my first beanies, I think I made about 11 of them and few pair of slippers. Didn’t have much time before market, so it was a bit of a rush. Don’t like presure. But I did it! I enjoyed doing it!

Oakhurst food and craft market was on Claire farm. It was beautiful and cold day which was great for my goodies(: Peter looked after boys, while I was selling my stuff and chatting (love chatting((:) It was long day for us, but loads of fun. I sold 90% of my beanies and one 1 pair of slippers, plus I got 5 order.  Its so nice to do what I love and also make a bit of money!!! Sooo grateful. Thank you. X

P.S. Thank you to my lovely models – friends: Yuliya, Rebecca, Sam, Joily&Marcel, Sasha and Max.

 Size: baby – child – adult

Price: from R100 to R150.