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“Rock” art

  My boys and I love to go to our local library, and me love to look at craft books for kids:) I spoted great book about rock painting for kid, there was loads of cute and simple ideas. We took it home and this is how I started my first rock painting.

 First I decide to make rock houses for my boys sand pit. They were fun to make and Sasha and Max really loved them. Then couple of my friends saw them and they suggested I can use them as a door stopper!    Good idea!!

Baby stuff

Love, love, love cute baby stuff… 

 I crochet this Teady beanie and booties with Chunky Elle Gold and pink slippers with DK Pure Gold Elle. 

Size: from 3 months to 3 years.  

Price: Beanie R100;  booties/slippers – R80.




Love, Yuli


Mmmm….. bags

Me always want to knit a bag, but couldn’t find right pattern. Then after searching on the web, I stumbled on one that I liked. So as soon as my urgent projects were finished, I went to my local wool shop. For this bag I bought lovely, soft and fluffy acrylic wool (we don’t have big choice of natural fiber): )

Pattern is quite simple, but need concentration, so no kids while knitting, please! More tricky part was lining, especially when you don’t have pattern. But must say, most of my sewing patternless, much more fun and challenge((: For the handle and button I crochet with 100% bamboo. When it was ready I really really love it. It was a keeper!

After a week of showing it of I got few orders! YAY! I was so busy with other orders so I asked  my mom in law to help me. She knitted them really quickly and I finished the rest. Thank you Shirley(:

 I’ll post soon variety of colors that I can make them.

Price: R350

Love, Yuli xxx


Vikings in our blood

We have Norwegian surname Nilssen, Peters father was from Norway, so its in our family blood for sure(: There is something so great about Viking. Wild and strong…  

I was browsing on the web, looking for fun pattern, it can take me hours, really addictive. So I came a cross lovely  baby viking beanie, it look so cool. But one thing I didn’t like it was knitting pattern, and I’m not keen on it (me not a fast knitter). Then I decide to make my own crochet viking beanie. After few hours of fiddling with crochet hook it was done! TA-DA-M!

My boys loved it. First one was made for Sasha and for Max I’m planing to make red one. Its made with Elle Gold Chunky, its quiet a good one from our local shop. Beanies were a hit, I got 5 orders right away! Even made one for small baby for baby shower. Must ask them to send me photo, mean while I use my doll (my parents gave it to me when I was 5) as a model. Beanie for baby I made with pure cotton. Only best for very small!

 So awesome to make something that people like and want to have one(:

We went to see new animation How to train your Dragon. My guys were so happy that they have beanies like those movie vikings!  Definitely will try make some for girls with plats, I think it will look cute. Will keep you posted.

Size: from baby to adult

Price: R120 – R150

Love, Yuli


Beanies for my 1st craft market

I made my first crochet beanie for Sasha, when I showed it to my friends they really liked it.YAY!  And my friend Claire was keep telling me that I must start selling them. At that time I just stop running mother and child workshop, so didn’t really feel like doing much.

 Then last April Lisa asked me if I would share craft market stole with her (she was doing t-shirts). I didn’t think to long, so there I was making my first stoke for the craft market.

Here is photos of my first beanies, I think I made about 11 of them and few pair of slippers. Didn’t have much time before market, so it was a bit of a rush. Don’t like presure. But I did it! I enjoyed doing it!

Oakhurst food and craft market was on Claire farm. It was beautiful and cold day which was great for my goodies(: Peter looked after boys, while I was selling my stuff and chatting (love chatting((:) It was long day for us, but loads of fun. I sold 90% of my beanies and one 1 pair of slippers, plus I got 5 order.  Its so nice to do what I love and also make a bit of money!!! Sooo grateful. Thank you. X

P.S. Thank you to my lovely models – friends: Yuliya, Rebecca, Sam, Joily&Marcel, Sasha and Max.

 Size: baby – child – adult

Price: from R100 to R150.


Holly’s birthday present

In January we were invited to our friends farm for Holly’s birthday.

I decide to make her slippers, plus I just bought this pattern so was really itchy to try it. They were fun and easy to make, but as usual me running late, so I was finishing them in the car on our way to the party. Its explains my not so clear pics (:

Party was great! Beautiful place, lovely people and lots of yummy food… Kids played outside, running around and jumping on the trampoline. Then inside bigger girls help them to play musical statues.

 Holly opened her presents and bingo – slippers fit perfectly and she really like them.  They were on her feet  straight away.

What a fun day for all.

Size: from 8 to 2 (kids)

Price: R 100  


Another order…

Crochet slippers size 10/11 with leather sole.

I made them for Sasha’s school friend  Jolie. Her mom told me that she wears them all the time.

 So we were camping other day and her family was there as well. I saw her playing on the playground  wearing slippers(: Yay. 

Camping with style(: So cool to see her enjoying them so much!

PS – I love to make it special. Here is my last minute bag: crochet flowers, buttons, felt and boys crayons…Last touch to make someone smile. X

 Size: 8 to 2 (kids);    Price: R130 with leather soles



Candy socks

This is was order for little girls during the last Xmas.  I just love colours, they remind me of candy….

My mom in law helped me to knit them, because I was busy painting rocks for Oubaai market. She knits like lightning(((: – lots of practice. When she finished, I put them together and crochet flowers…

Sasha (my 5 and a half year ols son) was my model:) He loves camera and really didn’t mind to wear girls sock. Thanks Sasha XXX

Size kids: from 9 to 3; Price: R80

Size: from 4 to 7; Price: R100 




I  love girly stuff: flowers, ribbons, buttons….. I got this pattern  from the web last year. Very simple and easy to do. But I decided that its really needed little touch of my girliness (:




I crochet them with Elle Gold Chunky (100%courtelle)  and flowers with Elle Cotton Fields (50%cotton/50% dralon) bought from our local wool shop. I made few of them for order from my friends (they are my big supporters. Thank you). Few pair I made with a leather sole, its not slippery and looks after wool. Longer wear(:

Size: from 3 to 7

Price: R 100 (without leather soles) and R150 (with leather soles)