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Granny square cushions




I finally made something for our house. It’s fun and easy to crochet granny squares, but my less favored job is to work in all the little threads. My mother in law come to the rescue, thank you! Here is pictures of two finished cushions and one in progress.
And yesterday very dear friends of mine gave me new phone – HTC wild fire!!! Woo hoo! What a fancy phone, well at least for me… It’s like mini PC! I’m sure it will take me a few days to get to used to it… quiet a busy toy. But at the moment I’m cooking Mac&cheese for my boys and writing this post. How awesome! I hope my new little gadget bring more post and pics to my blog…

Yuli xxx

Our petite ♥ vegetable garden

  In November last year we started with our vegetable garden… we were given about 10 bags of manure and I bought some seeds from our local shop… and look how wonderful it grows! We didn’t have much of the summer this year – lots of mist and rain, but it so lovely for our garden!!! 

When I was growing up in Kiev, my family and grandparents always had fruit and vegetable garden… I have lovely memories of pick fresh stuff for supper or fruits for jam. I’m glad that my boys can do same thing too. 

Because it was my first time of been gardener/farmer I had few mistakes… I plant too many seeds together and way many plants for such a petite space… Peter has to pull some plants out… ouch. But I have learned and will try not to do it again! We planning to extend our patch soon, I would love to plant some new stuff and see how it turns out. So watch this space xxx PS – we already are eating our cucumber, beans and herbs… I made pesto other day… yum! 

Little fairy…

Look who came to visit my little garden… isn’t she gorgeous!!!  I wonder if she sprinkled some pixie dust!? We always need a little bit of fairy magic;)  don’t you think so…

Faith, trust and pixie dust!




Laughter is timeless…Imagination has no age… And dreams are forever!

Happy Birthday Ladybug and SweetP

  I always want to crochet dress for little girl, I even start making one while I was pregnant with my second child and of course when we found out it was a boy I  lost interest and put it away:( Don’t get me wrong – I love my boys, but I always thought I will have little girl so I can make lovely girly things… and teach her how to knit, sew and all the crafty stuff that I love… 

Year ago my dearest friend Claire gave birth to little girl on the same day as Peters (my beloved young one) birthday – double YAY!!! So this December we celebrated 2 birthdays together – my special man and 1st birthday of the very special girl Anna… She is the cutes thing ever… xoxoxo and what a great excuse to make a summer dress… 

 Party was lots of fun and just look at this birthday girl xxx 






I LoVE this photo… Peter and kids had so much fun with that car…you can see it on Max’s face (; 


It was fun to make this dress and I think it came out really nice (; It’s my own pattern… I crochet top with Elle cotton, at the back I have 3 heart buttons and skirt of the dress I made with lovely cotton fabric and “country” lace that I brought from C T.  


Me just want to make few more… and if you want me to make one for your little lady let me know… 


Yuli xxx