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Crochet flower tutorial


I would love to share with you my crochet Flower tutorial. 

I came up with this pattern last year… but only now I got my act together to write & post this tutorial for you. You see, coz I’m not driving around so much;) 

I hope its easy to understand and if you have any questions please leave a comment or send me e-mail;)

~ Yuli Crochet Flower ~

You will need

~ 2 colors of DK yarn or any other yarn of your choice;

~ 4 mm hook;

~ tapestry needle

~ scissor


ch – chain;

sc – single crochet;

dc – double crochet; – slip stitch;

~ Pattern ~

Big flower layer

1st round – into magic loop: 3 ch + 15 dc. Join with into 3rd chain.

1st round

Big flower ~ 1st round

2nd round – 5 ch, dc into same space as 1st chain. * 1ch, miss 1, [dc, 2ch, dc] into next st * – rep 7 times. finish with 1 ch and into 3rd ch from beginning of this round.

2nd round

Big flower ~ 2nd round

3rd round – 1ch, 7 dc into 2ch space from previous round, *1sc into 1ch space, 7 dc into 2ch spac* – rep *-* 7 times. Finish with 1 sc into 1ch space and into 1 ch from beginning of this round. Big layer of flower ready. 


Big flower ~ 3rd round

Small flower layer

1 round – Insert your hook in to dc st that we missed from 1st round of big flower and pull out loop and make 4 ch, * into missed dc from 1st round of big flower, ch 3* rep *-* 7 times. Finish with into 1st chain of this round. 

Small flower - 1st round

Small flower – 1st round

2nd round – *into 3chain space [1sc, 1ch, 4dc, 1ch, 1sc]* – rep *-* 8 times. Cut and fasten yarn. Flower completed ;)

Small flower ~ 2nd round

Small flower ~ 2nd round

 Love this flower… you can use it on beanies, as a brooch or decorate cushions & blankets. I created granny square using this flower and looks great… another cushion in the making, so watch this blog coz new pics coming soon.

And here is a picture of my friend’s baby girl wearing beanie I designed for her over weekend and you see I used flower;) My friend loves beanie and I love this little model… isn’t she just gorgeous!?

little L1

Oh and meet my ” big baby ” … our 6 months old bulldog Mr. Z. I love him to bits… even when he snores like I never heard before)))

Enjoy making flowers! Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to like my Facebook page for more posts and ideas.

Love, Yuli xx











Quick hello

Hey hey…

Last week of holiday we had a little road trip to Ceres & Tulbagh to visit 0ur friends. It was so nice to spend time with friends… we had loads of lovely&yummy meals togeher (way to many…my jeans were getting tight))), late nights and lazy mornings and just good family time.  Nothing beats a little holiday away, even if its only few days!




Travelling basket with new project


Winter school holidays is over… we already  2nd week into 3rd term ~ getting closer to summer! This year winter season was very mild so far, we had beautiful warm days and even few hot ones… Love South African winter;)

I’m slowly getting back into week days routine and enjoying my extra creative time. Busy working on new order for a wedding… little sneak peek.

IMAG1252 (Large)

I’ll post more about it later.

Have a lovely week.

Love, Yuli xx



My life is to busy to keep up with blog post most of the time…  I plan to write/share something and then boooom… kids stuff, orders, friends get together and other usual every day things. Hey… I’m not complaining;) Just grateful for Yuli FB page, easy&quick share when life goes Booom :P

Second school term is over ~ phew ~ so looking forward to spend some time with boys, free from early mornings school routine and lunch boxes! Yes, no more lunch boxes for 3 weeks… Crazy Happy Dance)))

Last day at school we miss for very good cause… all of us joint march to stop GM (genetically modified) trial crop in our area… its so scary whats happening to our food(((. I can no longer complain about it… I would like to be part of a solution and try to educate those who doesn’t know or chooses to ignore GMO issue.


Stop GM trial crops March

On Thursday evening I swapped my crochet hook for some paint and brushes…we made few posters and I had 100 medical masks that I wrote – GMO with big X over it.

About 100 – 120 people took part in peaceful and passionate march, we shouted NO GMO slogans and handed over our petition to municipality… hopefully we can get reply from them soon. Every voice counts and every bit helps!

“The future depends on what you do today.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Thank you to my friend from Your Foto Story for great photos. You can see more pictures from this march by clicking on to image above.

With kids being on school holidays I haven’t touched my hooks&yarn for good few days((( Boys had friends for sleep over… 4 kids in my house ~ busy times;) We took advantage of beautiful sunny days…had a lovely long play during low tide on our  beach, then next day we went to  strawberry farm – yummy food, train rides, horse rides and most favorite bumpy boat rides. Great fun!


Winter day in South Africa…+25C


Today my dearest friend having my kids for sleep over;))  So its my turn to have me time and catch up with blog and crochet! Very needed quiet time!

No time to waste… next post about new crochet top on it way.

Cheers, Yuli xxx








Long weekend


17062013546 (Large)

We had a great long weekend… so nice not to worry about school on Sunday afternoon,  coz Monday is a public holiday/ Youth Day…Yay! Extra lazy day.

And weather was sunny and warm as I hope it would be;) We visited friends, had yummy meals, good chats and walk in indigenous valley.

Yesterday we took boys for a long walk at one of our local beaches… Its a such a privilege to live were we are and have all of this beautiful places around us!  I took few pics to share with you.

17062013534 (Large)

Little Brak river mouth

17062013538 (Large)


17062013557 (Large)

skipping stones

17062013561 (Large)

Boys found someones driftwood “camp”

17062013567 (Large)

Low tide

17062013575 (Large)

On our way home we saw young leopard tortoise

One my chrochet side of life – this weekend wasn’t productive… my hooks & yarn stayed in the basket for 3 day! It was nice to give my hands some needed breake.

One  thing that I did over weekend for Yuli handmade is that I finally asked my friend to take some pictures of the crochet top I  designed for myself few months ago! Been meaning to do it for so long and I can’t wait to show it to you… will try to post them tomorrow. Super excited!

I hope you also had a great weekend.

Yuli xx

New project

Another beautiful week is almost over. And I’m so looking forward to a long weekend with family and friends, lets just hope it’s not going to rain… fingers & toes crossed for sunny weather;)

IMG_8438 (Large)

While writing this post… ~ rainbow ~

Finished with few orders and lots more coming next week!

slippers 1

Also been going trough my patterns stash ~ so many beautiful projects~ dresses, tops, vests. Prettiness overload! I have crochet cravings)))

And  I don’t know why I have a need to make summer things in winter and winter things in summer!? Winter only just started and I’m already missing warm  summer days .

My favorite by far is this dress from Interweave Crochet, Summer 2012… Pretty!!!  

Interweave Crochet, Summer 2012

Interweave Crochet, Summer 2012


So here is it my next project ~  I’m on my 6th motif already~

IMG_8435 (Large)

Got paid this afternoon and on the way home stopped at local wool shop to buy  more cotton for new dress. It remind me of this…hehe


Yep…that’s me ))

Keep well. 

Love, Yuli xx

Monday blues

Weekend started with lovely sunny morning…by the lunch time it turned into very cold and rainy day… but it wasn’t as bad as Cape Town. Saw few of my friends status updates on FB and it looks like they had quiet a stormy weather – rain, strong wind and even snow/hail! Wow…Cape Town streets covered with snow! Crazy


Yesterday evening I thought – “Oh no…Its Sunday already… we need another few days at home, please.”  This morning we discovered that Sasha not feeling well(( his nose looked very swollen and he had a bit of a fever… Oh dear, this is a price I have to pay to stay at home, not good(((  It remind me of old saying – ‘Be careful what you wish for”. I will try to be careful and clear of what I think and say from now on.  

Today weather wasn’t as bad as it was over weekend. Took kids to our doctor,  she said that he has nose infection and it doesn’t looks good, so antibiotic its our only solution((. After local pharmacy and little basic shop, we headed home to get cozy under a blankets, drink lotsa tea and watch movies.

For lunch I made flap jacks… with cinnamon and honey from our beautiful bees. Best get better soon kind of treat…mmmm


While kids watched movie I tried to type/edit my new neck warmer pattern. Not my favorite part, it so easy to crochet something… but writing patter and make sure someone can actually follow it… not easy in the beginning. I hope after few patterns I’ll becomes easy and effortless. Quick sneak pic of  new pattern.

neckwarmer round

Monday is almost over and we had a okeish day and one sick child…poor thing((. It not so much fun to be at home when  your kids not feeling well. I really wish Sasha gets better soon and we can get back to our week days with school, driving, lunch making, hokey practice and home work and all that everyday stuff.  

Keep well,

Yuli xxx

Last day of summer holidays…

Today been last day of school holidays… I can’t believe that 5 weeks flew by. I’m going to miss late morning and routine free days…
Tomorrow is the beginning of 6AMs rises, lunch boxes, driving, waiting, homework and all of that back to school business. But on the bright side…we still have great weather for afternoon beach & walks and of course more creative time for me!
Kids school bags packed, uniform all clean & ready, hair been cut, bathed, bedtime story read and they nicely tucked in beds…Phew!
I’m almost finished in the kitchen… just need to bake 2 loaf of Ciabatta for boys lunch…it was an order ;) P.S. – I’m not super woman))) I have bread machine ;). It helps a lot.
So while bread in the oven…I have time to catch up with my blog and share something with you.
Few months ago I went to building store to buy some stuff for Peter and rustic looking yarn/rope caught my eye… and it was only R10 a ball. Yes, please.
It was lying in my stash basket and I couldn’t think of anything I could do with it. And during summer siesta time I looked at my stash and Ta Da…I knew what I want to do this this yarn… It will make perfect summer sling bag with bright flowers. It took me 2 day (well, I meant 2 siestas) to make it.
I post this picture on FB page and got so many likes and complement…thank you.
It had such a positive feedback, so I would like to give something in return – my Free  Sling bag pattern. Enjoy!
I didn’t include flower patterns, I thought you would like to do your own thing… just let your creativity flow ;) Possibilities are endless…
To download this pattern in PDF, click on link bellow.
Free Crochet Sling bag patten
Sling bag
Size 24cm x 22 cm
You will need:
– 120g chunky cotton or any other chunky yarn;
– 5,5 mm crochet hook
Abbreviation (American):
ch – chain;
sc – single crochet;
dc – double crochet; – slp stitch;
tog – together;
3 chains in the beginning of every row as a replacement for dc.
 End each round with 1 sl. st. in 3rd ch from beginning of round.
Crochet base chain: 29ch + 3 ch and work in rounds (around base chain).
Round 1 – miss 4 ch from the hook and crochet 1 dc into each of next 27 ch; 3 dc in to last ch; Now work on other side of the base chain: 1 dc in to each of next 27 ch, 2 dc into next ch and into 3rd ch from beginning of round. You should have – 3 dc on each end of base chain and 27 dc on each side of the base chain. Total = 60 dc.
Round 2 – ch 3, 1 dc into same space, 1 dc in each of next 27 st, 2 dc in next st, 3 dc in next st., 2 dc in next st, crochet 1 dc in each of next 27 st, 2 dc in next st, 3 dc in next st. into 3rd ch from beginning of the round. Total = 68 dc.
Round 3 – ch 3, 1 dc in each of next 67 st. into 3rd ch from beginning of the round. Total = 68 dc.
Rounds 4 – 6 – Repeat 3rd round.
Round 7 – ch 3, 1 dc in each of next 31 st, 2 dc together, 1 dc into next 32 st, 2 dc together. into 3rd ch from beginning of the round. Total = 66 dc.
Round 8 – ch 3, 1 dc in each of next 30 st, 2 dc together, 1 dc into next 31 st, 2 dc together. into 3rd ch from beginning of the round. Total = 64 dc.
Round 9 – ch 3, 1 dc in each of next 29 st, 2 dc together, 1 dc into next 30 st, 2 dc together. into 3rd ch from beginning of the round. Total = 62 dc.
Round 10 – ch 3, 1 dc in each of next 28 st, 2 dc together, 1 dc into next 29 st, 2 dc together. into 3rd ch from beginning of the round. Total = 60 dc.
Round 11 – ch 3, 1 dc in each of next 27 st, 2 dc together, 1 dc into next 28 st, 2 dc together. into 3rd ch from beginning of the round. Total = 58 dc.
Round 12 – ch 3, 1 dc in each of next 26 st, 2 dc together, 1 dc into next 27 st, 2 dc together. into 3rd ch from beginning of the round. Total = 56 dc.
Round 13 – ch 3, 1 dc in each of next 25 st, 2 dc together, 1 dc into next 26 st, 2 dc together. into 3rd ch from beginning of the round. Total = 54 dc.
Round 14 –  ch 3, 1 dc in each of next 53 st. into 3rd ch from beginning of the round. Total = 54 dc. Done, but don’t cut your thread yet;)
Round 15 row (Edging and strap) – *ch 1,, * 3 times, then chain 250 ch for stap (or as long as you want your strap to be) and to the other side of your bag 33rd  dc from beginning of the round.
Turn and crochet 1 sc into next 250 st, into to bags edge. Turn your work and again crochet 1 sc into next 250 st of your strap, to other side of bags edge. One more time turn your work and now along your 250 st strap, to the bag and carry on along bags edge with *ch1,* to next strap; over base of the strap and continue with *ch1,* to beginning of your round..
Now you can cut thread;) Weave in tails on inside of the bag.
Your bag is ready to decorate as you wish…
Let me know if you have any problems… mistakes are possible, I’m not perfect ;) And please don’t forget to share your finale result with me…would love to see it.
My bread is baked and I’m ready for bed…tomorrow is early start ;)
Keep well…Love, Yuli xx

Happy New Year and Ojo de Dios Mandala

Hey hey and Happy New Year!!!

I hope you having a great time with people you love and New Year will bring you luck, light and hapiness!

2013 Moto

~ Live Now ~ Be Kind ~ Share ~ Enjoy ~ Create ~ Smile ~ Laugh ~ Help People ~ Love ~

Its summer here and my boys on school holiday!!! LOVE IT… we having such a great family time… We trying to stay at home, especially this time of the year…people everywhere and its gets a little too crazy for us. Thankfully we live in small holiday village and beach closest to us is huge and it’s doesn’t get over crowded, enough space for every one.

For a last 3 weeks most of our days been in this order:

Sleeping in! Well mostly me, I’m not a fan of early morning and I have to wake up at 6 am most of the year… so this is what my body needs and its getting it))) My boys are early birds… they up and busy from 6 am, but they so good and independent…always keeping themselves busy, making breakfast and letting mama sleep a bit;) Lucky me!!

Beach twice a day…salty hair and lots of vitamin D. We make our way to the beach at about 9ish…before its gets cooking hot; and second session at about 4ish… warm water and gentle sun. Our house only few blocks away from the beach, so we only bring our towels and water to drink…simple. Times of big beach bags with kids goodies, snacks and other things that we mite need (and hardly ever use) is over! Yay!

Mid day siestas! Its too hot outside… we keep ourselves busy around our house  playing, reading, drawing, baking, watch movies or just taking easy and enjoying lazy time!

In the evening we make braai, South African word for BBQ; yummy meal around the fire with sound of waves and night sky.

Life is Good and I feel hugely grateful and blessed! So nice to know that it’s still another 2 week of holidays…Yay!

My creative side also been on holiday, I hardly touched my crochet and my head and hands deserved a little brake ;) I have whole New Year ahead.

But there is something that I made with yarn and would love to show you.

I love mandalas and was searching for crochet mandala patterns on the web…instead I found this – Ojo de Dios or God’s eye Mandala!

Love it! That afternoon I got my colorful yarn and kebab sticks (love to work with what I have at home, no need to go and buy stuff). It was very easy to follow tutorial and I found it very meditative & calming, which is always NICE! So here is my Mandalas:



Our friends invited us for braai/BBQ on New Years day and it was perfect little gift to give as thank you and Happy New Year!

I’m looking forward to make more Mandalas with deferent colour and patterns!

If you wish to make one or more…here is a links to Ojo de Dios tutorials

Tutorial in English:

Tutotial in Russian / Мастер Класс на русском:

Big Thanks to amazing people that made & shared Ojo de Dios tutorial with us!

And Big Thanks to you for visiting my blog and reading my post;)

Happy New Year!!!

Love, Yuli xxx


‘Love’ crochet necklaces


In about a month time summer officially will be here…I can’t wait for hot days,  ice cold lemonade, sandy toes and colourful dresses…

Summer dreaming inspired my latest work  …’Love’ necklaces – crochet with cotton & beads in a variety of colours.

Woudn’t you like one?! I hope you do

For more info and to order… please email me ( or visit my FB page for more info

Goodbye 2011 and Hello New Year!

Hi and Happy New Year!!!

I hope you had a lovely time celebrating and relaxing with your family. I also had very melow and happy time with my boys and now ready  for new chapter, adventure and fun. I wish this year will be a great and amaizing one for all of us!

Here is some of my highlight in 2011:

I made quite a few orders for local shops…so excited to have my handmade stuff in Bloemfontein, Pretoria and KZN. My Laska dolls traveled to few countries in Europe, U.S. and Australia! And I made couple of fun projects for friend’s birthdays.

Didn’t write many posts (sorry its my biggerst low light); Started using my Flickr account; Was more active on Yuli handmade FB page and managed to gain few fans!!! Yay!!! And of course got some inspirations and wasted sometime on Pinterest;)

Had few requests from local online shops, but still thinking about it. Maybe join couple of shops this year.

Once a week I gave crochet lessons at local wool shop…it was a great fun and got quite a few ladies hooked. I’ll absolutely continue with classes this year!

And stated to give crochet lessons to local ladies from small underprivileged community…hopefully we will continue this year and create opportunity for extra income for them. Just have to learn some basic Afrikaans, not may of them speak English…so its get confusing and funny at some times.

One of the big projects of 2011 was my first crochet blanket for my god daughter …

It’s took me 4-5 weeks to finished it, but I think most difficult of all was to chose and arrange colours. So to make it easier and see it in the big picture I played with colors on my laptop and ended up making colour combinations for flower center of the motif in Power point. It was a great help! I could see how will it look together and how may blocks of each colour combinations I need.

First I made all flower centers

Then I worked with green colour around each colour and my mother in law volunteer to help to hide all the threads…I’m so grateful for that, with 168 blocks it a huge job and not a fun one.

And the last stage was to work cream colour around each square and connected them as I went in planned sequence. And here it the end result…I called this blanket “Forget Me Not” – Photographs by Jenya Zhivaleva

Little Anna was so happy with her present…first time she saw it she start pointing at all different colour flowers and had a big smile:) Her mom told me that she gave it a name and takes blanket everywhere they go!


So you see I had good and exciting year and I’m very grateful to everyone who was part of my creative journey in 2011!

And thank You my friend for visiting me here and readyng my post xxx

Did you had a good year and I would love to know what your creative plans for a 2012…

Look forward to hear from you!

Best wishes and love,

Yuli xxx