My life is to busy to keep up with blog post most of the time…  I plan to write/share something and then boooom… kids stuff, orders, friends get together and other usual every day things. Hey… I’m not complaining;) Just grateful for Yuli FB page, easy&quick share when life goes Booom :P

Second school term is over ~ phew ~ so looking forward to spend some time with boys, free from early mornings school routine and lunch boxes! Yes, no more lunch boxes for 3 weeks… Crazy Happy Dance)))

Last day at school we miss for very good cause… all of us joint march to stop GM (genetically modified) trial crop in our area… its so scary whats happening to our food(((. I can no longer complain about it… I would like to be part of a solution and try to educate those who doesn’t know or chooses to ignore GMO issue.


Stop GM trial crops March

On Thursday evening I swapped my crochet hook for some paint and brushes…we made few posters and I had 100 medical masks that I wrote – GMO with big X over it.

About 100 – 120 people took part in peaceful and passionate march, we shouted NO GMO slogans and handed over our petition to municipality… hopefully we can get reply from them soon. Every voice counts and every bit helps!

“The future depends on what you do today.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Thank you to my friend from Your Foto Story for great photos. You can see more pictures from this march by clicking on to image above.

With kids being on school holidays I haven’t touched my hooks&yarn for good few days((( Boys had friends for sleep over… 4 kids in my house ~ busy times;) We took advantage of beautiful sunny days…had a lovely long play during low tide on our  beach, then next day we went to  strawberry farm – yummy food, train rides, horse rides and most favorite bumpy boat rides. Great fun!


Winter day in South Africa…+25C


Today my dearest friend having my kids for sleep over;))  So its my turn to have me time and catch up with blog and crochet! Very needed quiet time!

No time to waste… next post about new crochet top on it way.

Cheers, Yuli xxx








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