Monday blues

Weekend started with lovely sunny morning…by the lunch time it turned into very cold and rainy day… but it wasn’t as bad as Cape Town. Saw few of my friends status updates on FB and it looks like they had quiet a stormy weather – rain, strong wind and even snow/hail! Wow…Cape Town streets covered with snow! Crazy


Yesterday evening I thought – “Oh no…Its Sunday already… we need another few days at home, please.”  This morning we discovered that Sasha not feeling well(( his nose looked very swollen and he had a bit of a fever… Oh dear, this is a price I have to pay to stay at home, not good(((  It remind me of old saying – ‘Be careful what you wish for”. I will try to be careful and clear of what I think and say from now on.  

Today weather wasn’t as bad as it was over weekend. Took kids to our doctor,  she said that he has nose infection and it doesn’t looks good, so antibiotic its our only solution((. After local pharmacy and little basic shop, we headed home to get cozy under a blankets, drink lotsa tea and watch movies.

For lunch I made flap jacks… with cinnamon and honey from our beautiful bees. Best get better soon kind of treat…mmmm


While kids watched movie I tried to type/edit my new neck warmer pattern. Not my favorite part, it so easy to crochet something… but writing patter and make sure someone can actually follow it… not easy in the beginning. I hope after few patterns I’ll becomes easy and effortless. Quick sneak pic of  new pattern.

neckwarmer round

Monday is almost over and we had a okeish day and one sick child…poor thing((. It not so much fun to be at home when  your kids not feeling well. I really wish Sasha gets better soon and we can get back to our week days with school, driving, lunch making, hokey practice and home work and all that everyday stuff.  

Keep well,

Yuli xxx

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