Shwe Shwe Laska Dolls


I would like to introduce you to my New Laska Dolls made with local South African Shwe Shwe fabric.

Dolls been selling  very well here in SA and I even got few orders from England, Germany, US, Australia and I’m busy making one for my friend in New Zealand.

I just love Shwe shwe fabric…amazing patterns and colours…so much fun to work with. Simply irresistible…

All my Laska Dolls comes with little story and her favorite recipe, and if you wish you can choose one you like.  It will make your doll more special and personal.

Most of them made to order, but I have few of them in our local Village shop in Hoekwil. So if you in the area please come and visit…Vanessa, shop owner, has a beautiful selection of local food and handmade goodies to choose from.

 And big thanks to Jenya Zhivaleva from Unravel Surf Travel for beautiful pictures xxx

See you soon.

Love, Yuli xxx


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