Last day of winter! Yes, please!

Oh dear… I wrote new post this morning and I even share it on my FB page…It was working!

And now, I just want to check something on my site ….and its GONE :(  hour of my time spend on posting it and its Gone…Where are you?? I want you back!!! Bizarre.

But what they say  

So here I go again;)

In few hours will be first day of spring…Yay. Can’t wait for warm weather and summer clothes…Bring it on – I’m so ready for it;) I even bought myself boogie board (haha I hope I have write speling) yesterday…yes, I’m going to boogie board this summer…Woohooo

And to add to the spring mood here is my favorite SA song at the moment – old classic Miriam Makeba meets new beat Milk& Sugar. Love it!


In my handmade life – I just finished and send order for the brand new shop “Sera” inBloemfonteinwhich opens in early October! Thank you “Sera” and good luck… I wish you lots of happy and wealthy customers. Cheers!

 I’m also finished with another crochet cushion for my friend’s birthday… I think it came out rather nice. What do you think?

 In previous post I wrote about my new phone. What a good excuse to make something for my new gadget.


 I came up with this – Tunisian crochet phone pocket. And nearest future I will share this pattern with you… Never before I wrote pattern for someone else but me to use, wanting to do it for a while… So watch this space for free pattern ;)

Crochet is getting big in this country… Wool shops are busy and loads of ideas and patterns in local crafty magazines. And it’s finally loosing status – “it’s for old ladies”! Yay! And if you reading this post and you not “hooked” yet… you better get to you local wool shop and buy some crochet equipment. It’s tricky in the beginning, while you hand getting used to it… but I’m sure as soon as you get the hang of it – you going to love it!

 My crochet classes still every Friday at local wool shop, so if you would like more info – please email me. I’m happy to teach and share my love for crochet and of course I’m glad to make extra money to buy more WOOL….Hello, my name is Yuli and I’m a wool addict :P

Thank you for visiting me here and have a beautiful spring day.


Yuli xxx

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