Laska Dolls




What a week! Busy, busy, busy…. my big boy went to Big school in his new uniform, he looks so grown up (sigh) – where did time go??? And my other rascal went to new school too and it looks like he having lots of fun! Yay!!! And me settling into routine… so nice to have child free morning!!! I can get lots of thing done… bring it on ;) 

So now back to creativity – meet my Laska Dolls – childhood inspired dolls, and I’m not going to use “vintage” word – so over used:(  I just want to make something that will remind me and hopefully some one else – of simple things in life. Personally they remind me of my childhood and time that I spend with my grandparents’ very summer and my favorite pancakes that my babushka made for me in the morning… 

Laska – russian word for – expression of love and care.


  Laska Dolls made with scraps of fabric that my mom in law and my dear friend Claire gave to me last year…Thank you so much.  And lately I got a bit tired with my hooks and wool so it was perfect time to do something new. I sold them at the Xmas market and made few for my friends… Little people and even big ones really like them… such a good feeling :) 


   Each doll has a name and little story of where she lives, what animals she has and what are her favorite things to do… and her favorite recipe. My boys love them (they even helped me to make them) and they really really want me to make one that looks like a pirate… So I better get busy while they having fun at school. 

 It was great to share this with you and thank you for reading. Have a fun day. 

Love, Yuli xxx

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