Hearts and all things nice

Hello hello hello…

I know its been a while, but I’m alive and kicking – just very very busy as usual. 

So this is what I was busy with – HEARTS! First I made them for my clients baby quilt, then I had a good idea to stitch lovely heart on the T-shirt. And what do you know – they are BIG HIT:) So at the moment I crochet hearts and my friend Ali sewing them on the T-shirts and selling them with her beautiful range “Ali Unlimited” . Yes please! Me very very happy….

Besides hearts I’m busy making handmade gift for “Oakhurst Christmas Market” – for more info click here. It will be my 3rd Oakhurst market and and I can’t wait…. going to be loads of fun.

I’ll be short and sweet;) time to relax and dream, tomorrow another exciting day.

Write soon.

Love, Yuli xxx

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